Still here! Still trying!

It’s been a rough 2017. 2018 is going better in starting some well-deserved (and admittedly well-overdue) personal work, but I’m still in the thick of the early stages. The good news for how that swings back around to TOKoR is that this project has consistently been the bug zapper to my attention in a great way. I’ve filled multiple notebook… (more…)

Where We’re At

I can honestly say this has been the greatest test of my patience since… I don’t know – probably ever. This is the big one. And I’m still working on it. Where I’ve been for the past (multiple) months has been at roughly fifteen minutes after P16. Like, literally that point over and over again; I’ve gone through different opening… (more…)


Okay – so I’m still writing. Yes, genuinely still writing P18, which is where I’ve been stuck for the last really, really, obnoxious amount of time. So this is just an update on my writing progress. The amount of actual time I’ve had my ass in a chair has been dropping off over time, pretty much because I’ve been stuck.… (more…)

Making the Mood

One of the hardest things about taking this long to post is that horrible, shitty sense of obligation towards your plans. You may not have noticed, but I haven’t updated for a bit. “That’s fine,” I told myself, “’cause I know the gist of what I’ve gotta do and all those grammatical, punctuation and word choices I use for various… (more…)

Everyone’s the Hero of Their Post

I’ve gotta get some kind of capitalization convention for my titles, ’cause it’s the Wild goddamn West up in here. Update: very limited writing progress, but finally some progress on what to do next. Now, normally, I’d be so embarrassed by the lack of progress that I wouldn’t bother telling you fine folks anything about what’s going on – but in… (more…)

Refining the Opener

Alright – so, here is the next look into my writing method. Geez, I don’t post for months and now I won’t shut up on you. When the dam breaks, I guess. So I’ve got the post itself, the chunks within that post, the post-post (which is how I trail off to let everyone do something that keeps them occupied… (more…)

That weird, little… pre-post limbo.

So here’s where I already see the ‘delay’ happening. That’s the one where it takes an obnoxious amount of time to get the next post ready, leaving me at the end of the year with two very kick-ass (if I do say so myself) updates, when I was sort of aiming for – ahem – fifteen. Yeah. Bit of a… (more…)

Adminny Things to Do

I’m so goddamn hilarious, I don’t know what to do with myself. Adminny things to do? Administrative things to do, but also many of them? I am slapping my leg over how proud I am with that. Self-five – I earned it! So P17 is up (hallelujah), and while I’m gearing up for a massive wave of editing to finally move… (more…)


YEEEEEEEEEAHHH!! I DID IT! TARTRA WOOOOON! Fingers of celebration for everybody, ‘cause that was a satisfying click of ‘Publish’. The good news: after months and months of writing, rewriting, destroying, rebuilding and begging, P16 nailed the ending I’d been aiming at for even more months than when I started writing it. I’ve got a OneNote of all these plot points… (more…)

2016 So Far

Gotta be honest, guys: not a fan of blogging. I love chatting to people in person or over messages about what’s happening, but story-wise, I just can’t get into that groove I was told is out there. But anyway – here I am, not dead and still writing, and I’m going to pretend you are right here asking me a… (more…)