The Art

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Post 3

Best thing ever: Post 3 got the comic treatment for Alex and Beth’s little conversation!

“Oh my God. Oh my God – I had no idea! Who were you fighting?”

“My…” If he pulled himself together, Alex could spin this to get rid of her. “… roommate?” Yes, that sounded confident.

“What is he, a bear? Is he the one who throws everything? Do you need the hospital? Is he still there?” Suddenly she shot towards him and whispered, “Should I call the cops?” And bring more people? “My phone’s right here. I already had it set to dial 9-1-1.”

“No, it’s…” Wait. “You did? Why?”

“No reason!” She whipped the phone away.

This piece of work was pulled off by another serial writer, bluepencil.

Here's a little blurb for bluepencil's story:

Robinson Crusoe meets the Little Mermaid, (and readers can)
follow their oddly adorable adventures
in this oceanic fantasy survival story

The Pequods Merman

Seriously couldn’t help myself.

With as much love as I’ve been giving Pequods through this story, I went out and made a Starbucks-esque, legally safe homage. Introducing the Merman, who’s both stylish and too cool to order in your common English.

Like, the places this thing takes me to is intense. I know so much about the Pequods corporate personality based on this. It’s a privilege to drink their caffeine and they know it. You know it. They’re the Abercrombie & Fitch of coffee – hate them all you want, but their cups look fiiiiine. But yes, I really wanted a sort of cheesy, surfer guy in that sexy stereotype of pin-up model poses.

Edit: And – ooh! Now it’s the site’s favicon (that’s the little picture you see when you open a tab).

The talented artist is erikartoon.

Alex Day Two
Day Two Alex

I had to have our other star eventually. This is Alex at pretty much Post 10, after the wonders of Post 1’s fight had a chance to turn more blueish. I didn’t want the artist to go too detailed with the bruising, ’cause damn, have you googled bruises? But this is a great gist to let readers to adjust so it fits their mental picture better.

I loved the expression and posture. The whole half-turned-to-look-over-his-shoulder business is perfectly Alex. If we had to tweak this to be our other, other star, Xander would be staring head on and making eye contact. And with – like, an obnoxious smirk or something. Someday I’ll get a comparison piece ordered.

This lovely piece was made by qeiusidyll.

Post Zero Beth
Post Zero Beth

Here we have Beth as she is on Day One of the serial. Look how far she’s come! She’s changed her shirt! This is also a great translation of her personality: messy, reluctantly patient, bored, and just waiting for something to kick into action. This sitting around stuff might be part of her job, but it’s the part she calls ‘work’.

I love this interpretation! I had it made by fadedprism.

Early Concept Beth

This was the original idea of Beth on Day Two. I love the quality of this illustration. It’s beautiful, but the attitude of this character isn’t quite her. She looks too content with sitting in one spot; comfortable, relaxed and at peace. See? Not our Beth.

Although this concept didn’t stick past the basic appearance, I’m a recycler. Instead of scrapping it for not matching personality-wise, I’ve noticed it works for another character. As soon as that other person is introduced, I’ll come running back here.

I had this one made by meekowdesigns.