The Characters

This area exists as a quick explanation of who everybody is. It’s kept simple. At the most, you’ll find a description, summary, and a link to their Post Zero. At its least, there’ll be a line about what they contribute. Don’t take these summaries as the be-all, end-all of who’s listed. Almost everyone changes over time; these are snapshots of who they were when they started.



TOKoR’s major characters are those you’ll see the most of through the story. Some  are introduced early, but several don’t appear or get promoted to this rank until much later. Ultimately, there is no story without these main players, and if ever a post doesn’t feature someone here, rest assured that it involves them in some way.




The minor characters are made of supporting roles, previously critical roles, or soon-to-be-possibly-one-day-maybe-major-down-the-road spots. These names don’t get as much post time and are often plot drivers for the major characters’ goals; however, each of them have their own dreams and problems to manage. Even if they aren’t the stars, don’t count them out.



Scenery, background, bit players – whatever you want to call them, whether they’re loved or forgettable, these characters have just one purpose and are gone again the minute that job’s complete.